SYCA Review: Old Asian Man Poster

My personal review of this amazing Old Asian Man poster on Amazon:


Why I bought an Old Asian Man Poster

To give you some background my name is Jeff and I work at a cracker factory. When corporate recently told me we needed to add more diversity to our office, I started brainstorming how we could accomplish this. It was not long after that I saw this old Asian Man poster on Amazon and realized it was just what we needed. Cost effective and it gets the job done. I knew it would help us create a more diverse and inclusive environment at our offices which I was glad to be a part of.

Initial Reaction to the Old Asian Man Poster

The day that I knew the poster would be arriving I was giddy with excitement. Growing up I had always yearned for a stern but loving Asian fatherly figure that would encourage me to do well in school and pursue my dreams. Yes my father still encouraged me to do well in school and pursue my dreams, but no matter how hard he tried, he was not Asian, so in that regard, I was always somewhat disappointed. I knew this old Asian man poster would fill that hole

When I unfurled the poster and gazed upon the countenance of this old Asian man, my eyes lit up and started to well. It was at that point that I remembered I needed to see my optometrist about my eyes lighting up and welling. This had been a chronic condition I have had for some time and it was really starting to concern me. But in any event, when I looked at the poster I was amazed by the simplicity of its beauty.

The poster looked just like the image on Amazon’s website. It was smooth to the touch and had a sour chemical taste to it (would not recommend licking). But there was something captivating about this poster. The model’s face has an expression that exudes a quiet confidence. It is difficult to look at the poster and not turn away blushing with a smile. His expression gives you the impression that the model can handle himself in any situation, and also make you feel protected. His outfit, with the button down shirt tucked into his jeans, with a bark colored belt, reveals he has a sharp sense of fashion. It is clear to anyone that the poster model could be modeling for GQ, but instead he has chosen the noble path of poster modeling, which is something that has earnasian-man-decaled my respect. He is everything you could ask for in an old Asian man and more.

More than just a way to boost diversity?

Although I purchased this poster to add more diversity to my office, I ended up keeping it at my home. To be frank, me and the misses had been having trouble in the bedroom recently. We have been married for many years and it felt like we were starting to lose the spark. We were not looking at each other the way we once did, and we had difficulty achieving intimacy. Not anymore. This poster has reignited our flame. Ever since we’ve added this poster to our bedroom, it has brought back the passion into our lives, and in our bedrooms. My wife now looks at me (and the poster) with a burning fire of sexual passion, and I look at her (and the poster) in much the same way. Adding this poster to our bedroom was one of our best decisions. It has ended up saving us the cost on couples therapy and black market Viagra pills from Eastern Europe.

If you are on the fence about getting this poster, I would say go for it. My experiences have been amazing thus far. Additionally, I have noticed that my son has been doing better in school and has taken a strong interest in playing the violin, both of these changes I would attribute to this poser.

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